Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wasp Nest Removal 101

We have recently become aware of some unwanted guests at our house: wasps.  We had noticed a few buzzing around while we were outside in the afternoons, but I would just wait for them to land and smash them with my sandal.  Standard operating procedure at our house for many pests.  

We did ask our landlord to take care of them for us since they were already there working on our dishwasher.  I showed the workers where the 2 nests were, yet they still managed to miss one.  Not all that surprising.

After talking to Nate, we decided we needed to go to battle.  This could only mean one thing: a Home Depot run.  I love Home Depot.  They have a Garden Center!  It is almost heaven for me.  Not only do they have LOTS of plants, containers, landscaping and gardening projects just waiting to be tackled, but they have SPRINKLERS!!
Who needs a pool membership when you can go to Home Depot on a hot Texas afternoon??

Lulu and BG were testing the waters
Jman stood back and prodded his younger siblings to go try out the sprinklers.  "You'll have fun!"  Then he'd watch them go through while staying nice and dry.  A regular salesman. :)

They had a lot of fun!

But, the fun couldn't last for long.  We had a job to do.

We had to prepare ourselves.  Nate put on his game face and I grabbed the camera and a fly swatter.  Isn't that what everyone grabs?  :)   

Game on.  We were a little nervous.  Nate's first spray forced a wasp to fly out.  My video documentary was ruined since I decided to "quickly move away."  (I wasn't too bummed.  I'd rather have a bad video than a bad wasp sting!)  That was the last wasp to fly out.  Nate doused the nest after that. 

This is the post spraying picture.  He was pretty happy with himself.  I was pretty happy too!  

Lots of spray foam on the light!  We wanted to make sure we got it all.
We are hoping this will keep the wasps away for good.  We don't want to see them back ever again.

Adventure awaits us at every turn.  We choose to enjoy it and embrace it all!  You never know how much fun you may have!


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