Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Lulu

Here are some pictures to enjoy!  We just love her and she's beautiful!  We are a little biased, but can you blame us?

The Big Day!

Baby Lulu was born June 8 at 5:19 pm.  She was only 12 days late!  She weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 21 inches long.  Everything went really well and fast.  When my kids decide to come, they do it with speed.  These are all pictures from the hospital. 

Meeting the big brothers for the first time.
Our beautiful baby girl!
It has been a little bit of an adjustment, but we are getting back in the groove of things.  Jman absolutely adores Lulu.  It's easier for him to get used to the idea since he's already had to do it once before.  BG has had a harder time, but is finally warming up to her.  He now likes to give her kisses and keep her warm in blankets.  It is so sweet to see the love growing between them all.  God has blessed us greatly and we are so very thankful for all He has done for us!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How I Pass The Time...

Since we have no new baby yet, we are staying busy with other tasks!  We landscaped the front of the house last summer.  I've been adding plants, bushes and flowers ever since.  I love doing it, so it's lots of fun for me!  The only part I dislike is having to weed it every week.  I finally decided that I wouldn't do it anymore and talked Nate into "looking" at wood chips to put down in the beds.  The trip turned into buying 5 bags, laying them down and then returning for 15 more bags!  We finished the front, laid wood chips in the back flowerbed and still have 6 and a half bags left to put down around our raspberry and blackberry bushes.  Work, work, work!    
BG helping check out the depth of chips.

The left side of the bed completed.

The right side of the bed before wood chips.

The right side completed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Brother is Off!

My little brother is moving to Washington D.C. for the summer to start a new job!  We got to have him at our house last night for his last night in the Midwest before he flies East.  We made kabobs on the grill, s'mores over a campfire and played outside all day.  The weather was perfect for it!  Jman and BG loved having him here.  "Nicky, look at this!" and "Come find me!"  Jman and Nick also spent some quality time in the top bunk reading books.  BG calls him "Gicky" and wanted to show him everything that goes "Up High!  See it, see it??  Cool!"  :)  Jman's first words this morning after "Hi!" were, "Is Nicky still here??" 

Nick is on his way now and headed out for a new adventure!  I know God will be with him as he walks this new path.  Good luck Nick!

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