Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Three Musketeers

That Jman is one cool big brother!  And check out those abs...

Nate and I finally got pictures of the three of them together, pretty close to all looking.  At least they are all smiling!  They love congregating in Jman's top bunk.  Lulu doesn't get the opportunity as much as she'd like, so she enjoys EVERY moment!

Valentine's Day Photo

Our attempt at taking a Valentine's Day photo.  It started off bad from the get-go.  BG wouldn't put a shirt or pants on, which led to the need for the blanket.  Trying to get 3 kids to look at the same place and smile at the same time is near impossible with my 3 busy bodies.  You can see the progression of Lulu's frustration in the sequence of pictures.  It was a fast photo session.  One of these times I'll get a good picture of them all together!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nick's Quilt

 I officially started this quilt in August, when Nick gave me all his shirts!  I didn't actually start cutting them up until about November. The top picture shows the top of the quilt completely sown together.  It was fun planning the shirt placements.  It wasn't fun reorganizing my piles for each row after Lulu threw them across the room, multiple times.  I should have learned the first time to put them up higher, but I am as persistent as she is.

I had planned on giving him this quilt for Christmas; it then got pushed back to his birthday, Jan. 21.  It ended up being a late Valentine's gift!

The middle picture is of the back of the quilt, after completion.  It is draped over our couch in the living room!  I did vertical quilting lines along each column of shirts.  It is flannel material.  Nick told me it was really warm.  My boys would tell you the same thing!  :)  (I had to wash it again before sending it to Nick, the boys were enjoying Doritos, while wrapped up in his quilt.)

The bottom picture shows you the size of this quilt.  It is laid on top of our queen size bed!

I am so happy with the way it turned out.  It was fun to remember all of the shirts; some dated back to his elementary days!

I am planning my next quilt, a blocked quilt for myself.  Ashley has plans for me to make her a t-shirt quilt as mine may get put on hold!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nate's blog

He hasn't put anything on it yet...but check back soon!!

I'm back!

My attempt at keeping up has flopped.  Here are the updates:

Nathan - still looking for a new job.  He has had an interview in Nebraska.  We drove down there a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet.  He has an interview in South Dakota this coming week.  God is moving!  We are just waiting for the door to open wider! 

Me - I am still doing homeschooling, quilting and started crocheting a little again.  I had just told Nate I was going to get rid of all my yarn and needles...maybe not quite yet. 

Jman - He has had teeth problems.  We went to Bemidji in January to visit cousins Rachel and dentist Bob.  He had one cavity filled.  He didn't' make it long enough to get both filled nor to have x-rays taken.  This coming Friday he is having same day surgery to get the cavity filled and possibly 2 crowns put on.  A pain, but he doesn't sit still enough in the dentist's chair to have it done in the office.

BG - He was uneventful until 2 weeks ago.  We had a run-in with the la-z-boy and ended up with a dislocated elbow!  He was down and out for about a day and a half, but he's back to his normal self!

Lulu- She's crawling like she's Michael Andretti.  She is fast!  I have to keep an eye on her...she can open up drawers and cabinets and likes to unroll the toilet paper now.  She doesn't have any teeth, but she is certainly working on them. 

The house - We have started the bathroom remodel.  Which includes attempting to make concrete countertops.  Attempt #1 was with the sink made out of concrete.  It did not work out.  (Nate is starting a blog about our home remodeling projects, so you can visit it once he gets it up and running!)  Attempt #2 was without a sink.  It didn't have as many pock marks left over from bubbles, but it cracked while we were taking it out of the form.  Needless so say, Nate was not happy.  We are back at the drawing board for the countertop now.  I'm ready to get the countertops out of the basement...we made them in the storage space.  ALL of our boxes and what-nots are out in the living room area.  I get stressed out going down there, so I'm avoiding it like the plague!  I need to get it cleaned up!! 

As for the rest, we are doing great!  God keeps blessing us and we keep praising Him!

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