About Me

This is me, Amanda.  Welcome to the home where my thoughts and experiences are told.  I am a follower of Christ, who is my Savior and I love Him like none other!

I homeschool our 3 children.  Yikes! and Yay! at the same time.  I love to read books, quilt, sew, garden and landscape.  I am the wife to an amazing God-fearing man, Nate, who works hard at his job and at being a dad and a husband.
I like this picture because it shows what taking pictures is like at our house.  A little bit of chaos and lots of smiles!

In a nutshell, he has lots of degrees, likes to do house projects, build furniture and other odds and ends with wood, hunting, fishing, anything outdoors and dreams big!

We have 3 littles:
Jeremiah (6)
Benjamin (4)
Laura (2)

I am constantly moving and busy with these 3, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I am very humbled and blessed by all that we have.

I hope you enjoy walking through my blog and sharing in my experiences as they continue to unfold.

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