Friday, June 8, 2012

Crafting for a Party: The Big Birthday Bash

My baby girl is 1 today!  I know people always say this, but time really does fly.  For my boys' first birthdays, they had multiple parties: one with our friends and then the parties at the grandparents' houses.  Lulu isn't so fortunate.  We are celebrating her birthday with just our little family of 5 and we are going to make it as awesome as we can!

We did some crafting yesterday to save money.  I am always looking for ways to pinch pennies and making our own decorations fit that bill.  Not only is it a money saver, but it also kept the kids busy, out of trouble and not sitting in front of the TV.

Here are our projects:

Painting pictures for Lulu
I dry all of our painting/gluing/out-of-control coloring projects on my homemade drying line.  I tied both ends of a piece of yarn on to the shower curtain rod and added clothes pins to it.  It's easy to slide to the wall, out of the way, when you want to take a shower too!

Coloring paper plates to hang around the house

Pipe Cleaner Balloons and a Glitter Plate
Pipe Cleaner Balloons - I twisted 2 or 3 pipe cleaners into the shape of balloons and then hung them from our kitchen light with some transparent sewing thread.

Coloring Pages - The boys wanted to color My Little Pony pictures for Lulu.  I got all these printable sheets free off of the Hasbro website.

Paper Chains - IF we get all of the coloring pages done, we will make cut some construction paper into strips with our fancy edge scissors and make some 'streamers'.

It's so much fun watching the boys try to sneak the pictures and decorations by Lulu so she won't see.  And my boys will tell me NOT to talk about the party in front of her.  I guess it's a big surprise!  :)

We've got a big day planned: bake and frost a cake, hang up My Little Pony pictures, serve up a special birthday dinner, take lots of pictures, laugh, play and enjoy!


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