Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Not in School" for the Summer

Summer school, or non-school, is what I should call it at my house.  I don't do a particular curriculum over the summer.  We learn through play and exploration.  Just yesterday, my 5 year old found a butterfly in our backyard.  It was no longer living, so we got to look at the eyes, wings and body up close.  The boys wanted to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and asked if we were going to have butterflies again in our house.

We had caterpillars last year during our bug week.  I'm planning on doing the same this year with our very own butterfly garden.  If you buy the garden, you get a voucher for free caterpillars inside the box.  You only have to pay shipping for them.  It was exciting to watch them grow and turn into cocoons and butterflies, even for me.  :)

When we're outside, we'll talk about the sun and why it's important to wear sunscreen.  I am constantly reminded that we need to put it on before we go outside now.  I'm working on getting them to wear sunglasses next.  :)

When the grass starts to turn brown, I'll ask the boys if they know why it turned brown.  We'll dump the water from our inflatable pool onto the grass to see if it will make a difference.  Sure enough, the grass will turn green within days and then we'll talk about what the grass needs to grow.  We may comment that "Daddy needs to cut the grass" as well.

Walk around the neighborhood, park, even your own backyard and you'll find something you can pick apart, take a closer look at, admire and talk about.  The best part is teaching your kids about the wonder of creation and showing them God's vivid imagination!

My kids are already getting the itch to start school.  It makes me happy to know they enjoy learning!

Have fun exploring and learning while NOT in school this summer!


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