Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat or Rain

Moving from Minnesota to Texas is a bit of a shock to the system, temperature wise.  We are used to being outside all day, everyday during the summer.  Except, of course, for those rainy days that pop up.  Now that we're here in Texas, we can't be outside as long as we used to.  The heat keeps us indoors.  Three kids indoors...pretty much can drive a mom crazy.  (Especially one that likes to keep her living room walk-able.)

I've been coming up with some new ideas to keep my kids out of too much trouble!

Buried in the Beans
1) Buried in the Beans - I buy dried beans and pour them into plastic food containers.  I'll usually bury some of their little toys in the beans and have the boys look for them.  They love this and will play on their own long after finding all the buried treasures.  I make a game of picking up any stray beans off of the floor as well.

2) Island Hopping, Pillow Style - We place pillows on the floor and pretend to be pirates, super heroes, birds, frogs, you name it, and jump from 'island' to 'island'.  It is a lot of fun, especially to make up stories as you go along.

Sock Puppet accessories
3) Sock Puppets - I save all of our (my husbands) holey socks.  We make puppets out of them by gluing on glitter, puff balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, or just drawing on them with markers.  Then we put on a puppet show, of course!

4) Toilet Paper Binoculars - Keep the empty toilet paper rolls and make binoculars out of them!  We decorate ours and read Diego books while looking for animals.

5) Build A Fort - There is something about building a fort that just makes everything cooler when it's done in a fort.  I'll bring in some pillows, blankets, flashlights, a snack, books, puzzles, coloring books and we'll go to town.  It is always a winner!

Look and Find Jars
6) Look and Find Jars - I recycle plastic jars by filling them with rice and little trinkets.  If you rotate the jars, you can find new objects each time.  I make a list of everything I put in the jar.  Great for car rides!

7) Sink Playtime - My boys love playing in the sink when it's filled with water.  I pull out some measuring cups, spoons, small bowls, plastic cups and let them play in the water.  I DO put a towel down on the ground though...splashing is a requirement at our house.

8) Scavenger Hunt - It is always fun to just search for things.

Fishing pole and fish
9) Fishing On The Couch - A paperclip tied to a string is a great way to go fishing in your living room.  We catch anything from coins, to play fish, to paper, to socks!

10) Stacking Games - Pull out your plastic food containers, cups, plates and bowls.  Stacking them is lots of fun, especially when they become houses for your stuffed animals and cars.

If nothing else, reading, singing and dancing always keep us busy!  I hope this helps give you some ideas for ways to make it through those rainy or hot days! 


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