Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not So Hot Inside Anymore!

I forgot to update you about our air conditioner!  We had been living in over 80 degrees this past weekend...INSIDE our house.  It was miserable!  We had it looked at Monday afternoon, after I talked to our landlord's office.  I stressed the point that my children couldn't handle that.  Once they cleaned out the A/C, you could feel a difference right away.  It still took until Tuesday to get caught up, but it has been working great ever since.  It's amazing how quiet the house can get when the A/C isn't running!

We are thankful it was a quick fix and for your prayers!  It is HOT here this week and by hot, I mean heat index feeling like it's over 100 degrees every day.  Not so fun for a family that is used to 80s being hot!


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