Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm 30!

What a day!  I turned 30 yesterday.  When my husband turned 30 last year, he exclaimed that 30 was the new 20.  I don't really necessarily want to relive my 20s, but I sure want to stay young in spirit and heart!

It turned out to be a great day.  I started my morning with coffee, breakfast and God's word.  I got the kids dressed and we had some time playing and relaxing.  Apparently, the ant colony outside decided to move inside as well.  I have never seen so many ants in our house.  There was quite a lot of shoe stomping!  

The boys broke an empty applesauce jar that we used as their money jar.  I had to sweep up the broken glass which turned into a glass sliver in my thumb that is STILL stuck in there.  It is not very comfortable.  I'm hoping Nate can dig it out for me, otherwise I'm headed to the doctor.  On the up side, breaking the jar resulted in mopping our floors.  They were in desperate need of cleaning.  The kids had lots of fun helping and making more clean up for me, but it was a lot of fun!  
I got a surprise in the mail today too.  I got a bouquet of flowers with a card that said, "Happy 30th Birthday to you!  Love you lots!"  I was super excited, except I had no idea who they were from!!  I was talking to my brother on the phone when they came and he did not claim them.  This started a hunt for my mysterious secret admirer!  Not my husband, mom, mother-in-law, dad, sister, brother, or my friend Angie.  There was only one more logical solution.  If it wasn't my friend Jenny, I was out of ideas.  Well, it turned out that they were from her!  It was quite the story telling her about my scavenger hunt.  

I decided to bake my own cake.  If it didn't turn out, I could only blame myself.  :)  I made a double layer, lemon filled white cake.  The filling was a little too runny, but it did taste delicious.  Jman kept telling me how much he liked it.  Always a good sign!

We went out for dinner to Olive Garden and enjoyed some family time together.  It was an all around great day!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  

I am looking forward to my 30s.  It is not your physical age that dictates how old you are; it is your heart that reveals your true age.  Live with a reckless abandonment for Jesus and you will be rewarded greatly in peace, mercy, grace and strength.  He is all you need!


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