Thursday, June 21, 2012

Homeschool Goodies

On Saturday mornings, we pack our family into the van and we head out to find some garage sales.  It's our way of exploring the community and looking for treasures.  I have really had my eyes open for homeschool books, games, activities, etc. and have come away with some goodies!
I found a Sight Words Bingo Games and Ready to Read Box at a garage sale that a teacher was having!  I really enjoyed myself at her house.  :)
I got these Paddington books free when I told the teacher having the garage sale that I was going to homeschool.  She told me to take all the books I wanted for free!  So I took all of the preschool activity books shown below as well.  :)  I try not to go overboard, because I don't want to have SO much stuff in my little house.  I found room for these, though.
I also like to look in Bargain Book bins and Clearance racks for anything that I could use for homeschooling.  I found these Discovery Kids books in the bargain bin at the grocery store.  I got Animal World (Discovery Kids) , Discovery Kids: Amazing Places , and Ocean World (Discovery Kids) .  The boys get excited when they look at them!
Target clearance is one of my favorite places to shop.  I found these maps on clearance there.  They are on a shiny, almost plastic/waxy paper so they are sturdier than normal paper.  I just need to find room on my walls to hang them up. 

I have a thin paper map of the United States hanging in the boys room and we have circled in big black marker where Grandmas and Grandpas, aunts and uncles, and friends live.  BG, my 2 year old, will tell Auntie Ashy that we are far, far away in Texas.  :)
My mother-in-law is a Reading Recovery teacher.  I am always getting fun ideas, games, worksheets, and lapbooks from her.  I got these great ABC picture books from her.  They are perfect for working on letters and speech with my 2 year old.
It has been fun finding everything and incorporating them into my planning.  (I'll have an update on that pretty soon too.  It's coming along slowly, since I don't have a printer anymore.)

Get up early this Saturday and get going to some garage sales.  I hope you find some treasures to bring into your home and enrich your homeschooling experience!!  If nothing else, just have some family fun!  :)


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