Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting Off With a Bang

I've been away for awhile.  I was getting everything ready for school and feeling overwhelmed with it all, so I took some time off.  It's nice to rejuvenate myself and get caught up with everything before beginning school. I'm back now.  And we are back in school, back in the groove!

We have one week done and lots to report!

Our first week was Cars theme.  It was a great way to start our year because my kids love all the Cars movies.  This made it lots of fun for them.  The first day was tough with Jman, my 5 year old, who is in Kindergarten.  He is naturally strong willed and you could tell!  I have tried many different ways in the past to work through his ability to be stubborn.  Letting him move on means he won't come back to finish what he doesn't want to.  Letting him sit and pout means he'll finish the task when he finally doesn't want to sit anymore.  It may take awhile, but when he does finish it, he and I are both proud of him and he'll tell me it didn't really take him that long to actually do it.  He doesn't sit very many times before he decides he wants to try each task he's given.  Good for both of us!  BG, my 3 year old, did awesome.  He loves learning and soaked up each minute.  He was the main reason Jman decided to finally do his copy work.  He was comedic relief and got Jman laughing and wanting to go play with him.  Love my BG!  Lulu, my 14 month old, watched us and played by herself.  She was a little antsy, so I finally put her down for a nap.  The rest of the morning was a breeze!

The afternoon was a completely different story.  Lulu woke up from her afternoon nap and shortly afterwards, vomited from the flu.  My night was spent cleaning.

Day 2: No Jman melt downs.  Lulu was over her flu bug.  The morning went flawlessly.  The afternoon was Jman's turn to have the flu.  My night was spent cleaning.

Day 3: Jman was over his flu bug.  The morning went flawlessly.  The afternoon was MY turn to have the flu.  My night was spent napping and feeling icky.

Day 4: I was not quite 100%, but I was feeling better.  We spent the morning lounging and had our school in the afternoon.  Praise God that no one else got sick!

Day 5: The morning went great.  We finished school, went to the library and played in the afternoon.  We all had afternoon naps too.  My night was spent cleaning.  The recurring pattern of this week is not one I hope to repeat anytime soon!!

I am so thankful that Nate and BG didn't get sick.  It is no fun being sick or having sickies in the house.  I take these situations as trials and ways to build my character.  I try not to get down or cranky when things don't go as planned.  It has happened in the past and will happen again, but it only makes matters worse.  Looking for all the blessings I have and being thankful for them make it much easier to persevere and prevail.

How was your last week?


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