Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot Springs Road Trip

Road trip are two words that I'm not always so sure about.  One on hand, I get a lot of good reading time, on the other hand, we have 3 kids in the back of the van that could be in a good or bad mood.  This particular road trip was different.  We had Grandma and Grandpa Davis in the back to entertain the kids, so I only had good reading time!  This particular road trip took us to Hot Springs, AR.  It was a fun, beautiful, hot day.

We took a Duck Tour of Hot Springs National Park.  We rode in an amphibious vehicle like the one pictured below.  I took this picture because this one was named Miss Ashley; we thought Auntie Ashley would like to see it!  We actually rode on Miss Mary.  

The kids did really well, once we started moving!  Jman did get a little scared when we plowed into the lake, but he recovered while we were cruising on the lake.  I did have a moment of panic when the vehicle sank into the water, but she floated and got us back home.  It's always good to have moments to fully trust in God.  I was praying!!

We drove in the Hot Springs National Park to the West Mountain Summit.  The picture above has smoke off in the horizon.  Not a good sight to see.
Above is the watch tower in Hot Springs that you can climb up.  We were too beat after sitting in the sun on our tour to attempt a climb.

The boys enjoyed the summit.  They were having expeditions galore! 
It was hard to ignore God's beautiful creation.

We also filled some water bottles with water from the hot springs.  It comes out really hot from the water faucets.  The water tastes just like regular tap water, in case you are wondering. 

Jman found a butterfly in the pond downtown.  We were pretty excited.  He is claiming it's a blue morpho butterfly, but I can't say for certain that it was. :)  It was blue though!  

Bridge Street is the shortest street in the world, according to our tour guide.  So of course we had to drive down it after the tour.  Nate had to have that checked off of his "bucket list".  (I think he added it to the list when he decided to turn on the block.)

We finished the day with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  The boys played some checkers and Lulu situated herself right up there to watch.

The drive home was lovely as well.  We had a great time enjoying the sights and spending time with family.  Memories to keep!

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