Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Time

Weekend Project #5: Color Dinosaur Pictures!

We always have to take time to play and be a family.  We enjoyed coloring pictures together!  Lulu was napping, which was unfortunate she wasn't with us, but fortunate that she wasn't throwing crayons all over the floor and ripping pictures away from people.

Nate and I really got into making our dinosaurs colorful.  :)

Jman's dinosaurs were scary!  "This red will make mine scary.  So will this blue!"  

BG colored one picture, then got a little bored.  He grabbed the Vtech - MobiGo Touch Learning System and played some games with us at the table.  He did decide to color again after a few minutes.  :)

I'm realizing that my kids are growing up fast and every moment is precious.  I want to have fun and enjoy them.  More importantly, I want to lead them to Jesus.  What better way than to show them love!  



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