Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basement Pics

Here are a few pictures from our finished basement. I wish I had before pictures, but we did not take any (I can't believe it!) The first picture is taken looking down the wall separating the main room and our storage room. The storage room looks like what the basement looked like after we did demolition. There was wood paneling painted white on the walls and old ceiling tiles that came down. We took down the fluorescent hanging light and light fixtures and put in recessed lights, among other things! The main room pictures are taken from opposite ends of the room. The boys toys are kept in the basement now. It's fantastic!

I did find a picture of the stairs while Nate was fixing the treads. You can see the basement floor was cement and where we had to peel off the old tiles. We had already painted the stairwell and added the toekick lights (you can see them on the wall next to where Nate is standing.)

It's nice to have it ALMOST completed! Just a few trim pieces left and lights to install in the storage room. We love it, especially the boys! Plenty of room to run around!

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