Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let The Fun Begin

We are thinking about starting stage 2 of the kitchen remodel. The first stage happened the first week after we moved in. We changed the U-shaped counters to an open floor plan. (I'll try to find some before and after pictures to post.) We moved the fridge, added a shelf for the microwave and replaced the counter tops. We recently replaced the lights, which included removing the ceiling fan. That was a bigger project than we anticipated, but we got it done! Stage 2 will be painting the cabinets white, putting on new hardware and ripping out the old flooring for new flooring. Today, I started by sanded an extra door we acquired from removing the U-shaped counters. It's our test run to see what they'll look like. I'm anticipating a lot of work, but now that I'm done with all of my sewing projects, I need to be doing something. I can't just sit still! I'll be adding pictures of the ongoing project, so stay tuned! :)

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