Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Dress #1

I love to quilt and sew! I have made a quilt for Jman and one for BG. I had plans to make a cute romper for Jman and never got around to it. Then, I had plans to make one for BG when I was pregnant with him and failed to start. So this time around, I decided that I really needed to use the pattern that I had bought 4 years ago. I had strategically bought this particular pattern because it had rompers and hats for boys and dresses, tops, bloomers and hats for girls. The strawberry dress has turned out great! I did change the pattern a little by turning the dress into a jumper. I didn't want to buy a zipper since I already have a lot of buttons. I have already started my second project and am following the pattern by making it a top with a zipper. I'm also making little bloomers for it. I'll post some pictures when I'm done with that one!

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