Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Those Bunny Rabbits!

Jman got a 2 pack of nerf guns for his birthday. After opening them, I don't know who had more fun off the bat - Nate, Jman or BG!
As you may have heard before, we have rabbits that live in our back yard, under the shed. Last summer, they did a number on our garden. Nate and I did some "pointing" to make a couple disappear. If you ask Jman what needs to be done to rabbits, he'll answer with "You point!"

Jman and BG, since bringing home the nerf guns, now tiptoe into the sunroom and whisper "We need to get those bunny rabbits! Shh! Don't scare them away." Then the darts start flying! They are definitely ready to keep the rabbits out of our garden this year!

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