Thursday, March 17, 2011

Innovative Thinking!

Jman is quite the thinker at our house. He is always coming up with ways to do things himself. This can lead to anxious on-lookers. The other day, I overheard this conversation between he and Ashley:

A: What are you doing?

J: Getting my balloon.

A: Does your mom know you're doing this?

J: Um....

A: You better be careful. Let me help you.

That is when I saw the chairs stacked upon each other. The one with the blue pillow was the step to the white one on top of the brown one (which spins and is on wheels!) Ashley had walked in on him climbing them to try and get the balloon down from the ceiling! I told him, "Next time ask for help. It was good you came up with an idea to get it down yourself. That was really smart thinking, but we just need to make sure we're being careful." I'm over the initial shock phase of seeing him or BG climbing or jumping. I know that they will do it no matter what!
(Notice that Ashley is standing on our piano bench...there was no way Jman would have gotten it down on the chairs he constructed. I'm sure he would have tried jumping off of them to attempt reaching the balloon!)

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