Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Excitement!

This Christmas was filled with family, presents and celebrating the birth of Christ. We made it to Fargo, albeit driving with white knuckles. The weather never seems to fail us. It started out with a bang. My sister Ashley was home as well and didn't feel well. After going to the doctor, she ended up with strep throat. Two days later, Jman was complaining about a sore throat. It turned out to be strep as well. And to boot, BG ended up having an ear infection. We braved it out until Tuesday and then left that afternoon. We were sad to leave earlier than planned, but glad to be home so the boys could get a good night of sleep.

It is so wonderful that Nate and I can teach the boys about the importance of Christmas and what it really stands for. When looking at a Nativity scene, Jman will say, "That's baby Jesus! We must not forget him at Grandpa Roger's house." He was absolutely right about that...we had forgotten our baby Jesus from the Little People Nativity at his house at Thanksgiving. So funny! But Jman knows that Jesus was born to save the world. He may not grasp the full understanding, but he knows that He is important. And BG picks up on everything, so the seeds are being planted.

We are just so thankful that we are blessed to have two wonderful boys, a healthy baby girl on the way and family and friends to care for.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

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