Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work, Work, Work!

Do you ever feel like your To Do List only gets longer? I feel like that lately. Mine consists of Learning time with the boys: calendar time, Bible time, reading, art projects, activity time, science/math time and play time. Not to mention my Bible study time, workout, meals, cleaning, laundry, basement help, relaxation and time with Nate to name a few things. I'm tired just typing all of that! This week, I've really started to be diligent about sticking to my learning time with the boys and personal time of workout and Bible study for myself. It has been refreshing and satisfying to keep it up. Though, I haven't really worked out all the much in the past couple of weeks since I've been fighting the flu and a cold. So when I started my walking dvds this week, I was hurting after the first walk. The second day, I did another walk and a brief Jillian Michaels 'No More Trouble Zones' circuit. Brutal. Then today, I did a 2 mile walk again. I sat on the couch and complained to my sister about sore legs this evening. :) I'm hoping I can roll out of bed tomorrow!

It's fun to cross things off my To Do List, but it is more gratifying to watch my boys learn about God's love and other fun topics like birds and bugs. I consider these things much more important to accomlish daily than cleaning or doing laundry. I'm thankful to have all these things to keep me busy. I never do seem too overwhelmed. God is faithful! :)

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