Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sickness...will it never end?

We are fighting colds at our house once again. I have had a cold since the middle of November. It has yet to go away. The boys have been on and off again with the normal winter colds, ear infections and strep throat to boot. The past two weeks have been exceptionally awful. Two weeks ago, the boys got the stomach flu. Then colds began to ensue right afterwards. Just last week, I ended up getting the stomach flu and my cold flared up worse than it was. I attribute it to my pregnancy immune system: it fails to operate! I think the boys get some of it from Kids Stuff at the Y too. It's a free for all for germs there. Ashley blames us for all of her sickness too, but I feel that she HAS to contribute some of it. I mean, come on! :) Soon, winter will be over and we will recover. It's my prayer that it comes quickly!

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