Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby D #3

Baby #3 is a girl! We just had the ultrasound at the end of December. The ultrasound technician said she was 99.9% positive it is a girl and she hasn't been wrong in 14 years. She has been right with our other 2, so I'm not going to doubt her.
We were a little nervous going into the ultrasound, because at our 16 week appointment, the baby's hearbeat was at 111 beats per minute. The average is usually between 110 and 160 (according to my midwife). So it was relatively low. It had been in the 140s and 160s before. My midwife wasn't alarmed, but did want me to come in a week earlier than scheduled for the ultrasound just to put our minds at ease. I'm grateful she wasn't overly anxious or worried. It would have made waiting much worse. When the ultrasound started, I was waiting to see the heartbeat, and it was one of the first things we saw, so I was very relieved. The heartbeat was up to 146 and the technician double checked all the valves and chambers, etc. in the heart to make sure everything looked normal. And it did. She said it was just one of those flukes, that it all depends on whether I'm hydrated, how active I've been, what I've eaten, etc. I was relieved and very thankful that everything looked great.
I was reminded that I just need to give my worries to God. I keep trying to be patient and kept telling myself that God is bigger than everything. He never gives me more than I can handle; and when I think I can't handle it, that's when I need to look to Him for the help I need. God always amazes me and I love to see his greatness in my weakness. What a blessing that we have 2 healthy boys and a healthy girl on the way. Praise God!

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