Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Projects

Oh winter weather! It has kept us inside a lot these past few weeks, so we've started to finish the rest of the basement. We have the bedroom and bathroom mostly completed (just missing the finishing touches, like trim and closet doors). The rest of the basement was a mess. Nate got all of the sheet rock up in the main room and I got all of the tiles scraped up from the floor this past weekend. After all of that work, plus shoveling the 17"+ of snow we got, I'm officially done with shoveling for a while. The basement is really starting to look nice though. The first coat of mud is up on the walls and the scraped tiles are neatly swept into piles! Jman's response after coming down was "What's going on here?!" He's such a ham. It is nice to see things coming along after sitting on standby for a while.

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