Monday, April 4, 2011

New Changes

This week we started our new school theme of "Spring".  The season of new life.  I think every season is one of change, but this spring is bringing a few of it's own.  My sister has been living with us since October.  That's why we had the big push to get our basement done.  The boys have loved having her here.  She is moving back to Fargo in 2 weeks to start a new job there.  It will certainly be different without her here! 

Another change coming (no big surprise) is the arrival of baby.  It hit me yesterday while at a girlfriend's baby shower (who is due 4 days after me) that we aren't really ready for baby yet!  She was saying how she had her nursery all put together and was finally going to be able to organize with all the gifts she was getting.  I started to get a little nervous!  I know it's baby #3, but still...  We have the crib in the office/nursery, but it's not put together.  We don't have an unoccupied mattress yet; BG is using the crib mattress in his toddler bed.  We need to get a BIG big boy mattress for him and Nate needs to build bunk beds for the boys.  (Add it to his list, huh?)  I do have all the clothes I've received washed, organized and put away in rubbermaids.  The dresser will come once Ash moves out...we're inheriting her old one, which was actually my old one!  I do have the going home outfit picked out and lying out in a pile of stuff to take to the hospital, it's just not in a bag yet.  I think the only other big thing we have to get before baby comes is the diapers! 

All these changes mean a new season of life.  This past fall, I planted tulip bulbs in my front yard landscaping.  I wondered if they would survive the winter and sprout this spring.  This weekend, I saw the tips of the bulbs popping up through the ground.  It's exciting to see all the plants growing; not only because I love gardening and landscaping, but because I am reminded that God is faithful and creates new, beautiful life time and time again.  This new season of our life will definitely be different from the one we're in now, but each season brings it's own surprises and journeys.  We will take each turn as it comes, walking with God!

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