Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Update...Part 1

Here is the first picture of our kitchen.  We officially started sanding and painting this past Friday.  It's moving right along!  We decided to separate it into 4 different sections...top stove wall, bottom stove wall, top fridge wall, bottom fridge wall.  We ALMOST have the first section done.  It looks like it is done from this picture, but we still need to paint the 2 cabinets closest to the door with one more coat of paint.  And then it's onto the bottom section.  We already primed the shelves inside.  They didn't need to be sanded, so we tackled them while we were priming the cabinets above.  I figured as long as we get the interior and exterior of the cabinets done, the doors don't need to be completed.  I just want to get all of the stuff off the floor in the sunroom and back in the cupboards!  The boys have been having "jam sessions" with our mixing bowls and serving spoons.  The drumming has become a bit unbearable!  We did discover that we will need to repaint our kitchen walls.  The current color is too close to white; we need a more distinctive color.  That will come later!  Back to work!!!

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