Saturday, March 10, 2012

ISOC Snocross

When I was telling Ashley the possible dates for Jman's birthday party, she mentioned the Snocross races  were in Fargo the first weekend in March.  I knew Jman and BG would love them, so we planned accordingly.  

We went on Saturday afternoon.  It was only about 19 degrees.  The wind wasn't too bad, but it felt colder with the wind chill.  We arrived around 4:30 and everyone that had snow pants put them on...except Jman.  It took about 15 minutes for the entire crew, Ashley, Other Ash, Nate, BG, Lulu and I, to get ready.  Jman stood there in his winter boots, winter coat, hat and mittens shaking, saying he was cold.  I told him, "Jman, we will be sitting outside.  It is going to be just like what you see now.  It's not going to get any warmer."  His response, "I don't want them on."  Team Ashley tried to persuade him to put them on, but he was having none of it.  We made sure we had all our blankets and made our way in.  

When we got to the bleachers, the women were just finishing their races and the snow grooming machines were making their way out to do their thing.  You should have seen the looks on their faces.  They really liked them.  Plus, while the groomers were out, a few snowmobilers were doing aerial tricks, practicing and messing around.  BG's eyes were as big as saucers.  They both were giving commentaries and pointing, but not jumping.  They were wrapped up tight in blankets.  BG was on Nate's lap, Jman right between Nate and Ashley.  He did eventually move to her lap to get his tush warmer.  I was holding Lulu and she was watching everything, having a grand ol' time.  

Our camera was so cold, the lens was defrosting during this picture.  The boys have their backs to the camera , of course!
The kids lasted about an hour and a half before they started complaining of being cold.  Team Ashley and I took the circus into the warming house.  Once the boys started taking off their coats and saying they wanted to go see Grandpa, I knew it was time to go home.  I left them all with the ladies and went to get Nate and our stuff.  It took a while since the place was packed with people.  The bottom picture of Lulu and Ashley H is what I came back to.  Priceless!  

When we got to the car, Jman turned to me, in all seriousness, "Mom! I thought we were going to be INSIDE!"  Did we not have a conversation about where we would be sitting and what we would be seeing before we went in??  Too funny!

The races were a lot of fun.  If it would have been about 10 degrees warmer, we could have lasted longer than 2 hours.  Regardless, the boys still talk about the 'Awesome Snowmobiles!' and have forgotten about the cold!

Ashley H, Amanda, Lulu and Ash

Lulu and Ashley H...not doing so hot.

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