Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jeremiah's Golden Birthday

Jeremiah, Grandpa Roger and Grandma Kimmie
Jeremiah turned 5 this year, his golden birthday!  His birthday is super easy to remember, March 5, 2007... 3-5-07.  It's hard to imagine that he's already 5!

We got to Fargo late Thursday night.  We just hung around Grandpa's house on Friday and played...waiting for Ashy to get back from work.  (The boys are always looking for her.)  We did go outside and play in the snow.  It was fun watching the boys try to walk through the snow.  They ended up crawling to the 'playground', the neighbor's swing set.  I was pushing the boys on the swings and Benjamin ended up flipping off the swing and face planting into a pile of snow. He laid there for a minute, then stood up, pushed up his stocking hat and said, "Mama, I don't like that.  It's not fun."  I had to suppress my laughter at the look on his face.  It wasn't one of surprise or hurt; it was one of disgust.  The boys crack me up!  

Saturday brought on the ISOC Snowmobile races.  It was cold, but lots of fun.  Benj keeps telling everyone "It's so awesome!  They flipped!  They jumped!  So awesome!"  

Sunday was the big day for the party.  We had lunch, opened gifts and then ice cream cake.  We all had a wonderful time!

Angry Birds ice cream cake  :)

4 Generations

Jeremiah was explaining something to Grandma Marlys

Ethan, Ashley and Troy

"Other" Ash (as Benj and Jeremiah say) and Nate  :)

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