Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Recap

We celebrated Nate's 30th birthday with a few friends at our house.

The boys and both grandpas went to the Fargo Airshow.

Uncle Nick visited.

Picking apples at Grandpa's house.

I finally had a minute to pop on!  It's almost the end of September, a full 2 months since my last post...awful!  We've stayed busy! 

Nate turned 30 this August and we celebrated by having a few friends over.  We grilled and played lawn games.  It was fun enjoying everyone's company.

This summer also brought the Airshow to Fargo.  Nate took BG and Jman and both grandpas went with as well.  The boys had hear protection and loved it.  Well, Jman enjoyed the Blue Angels...BG slept through them!  Lulu and I watched them from my parents house.  They fly right over the house as they approach the airport.  I could have seen the pilots picking their noses.  The Blue Angels are awesome to watch.  It's exhilarating when they fly by in their formations.  It's amazing!

Uncle Nick was in DC all summer long and spent a couple of days with us before going off to Boston for his new job.  The boys loved having him here.  "Nicky can you read us this book?  Can you do this puzzle with us?  Let's go outside and play."  You get the idea.  Poor guy didn't get any rest! 

While in Fargo celebrating Great Grandma Gerry's 90th birthday party, we got to help Grandpa R pick apples from his apple tree.  It was a little crazy!  Nate was up in the tree shaking branches, while Grandpa, Ashley, the boys and I were holding the blanket below.  BG liked to shake the blanket, which would send the apples flying!  Then while sorting through them, BG would pick an apple, look at it, shake his head in approval and then proceed to throw it as hard as he could into the keep bag.  Jman was eating the apples and climbing up the ladder to check on the next best branches to shake.  It was a zoo!  And lots of fun!

GG's birthday party was a blast!  We got to meet Cooper and see Nolan, Jack, Ava and Caleb, all cousins.  The kids had lots of fun with each other.  I had a wonderful time seeing all the family and people I hadn't seen in years.  Grandma Gerry sure knows how to party! 

Well that sums up a bit of our summer fun!  Now that fall is here, we've started school again and the boys are loving it!  I'll keep you updated more often than I have the past 2 months!

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