Saturday, July 23, 2011

Many Blessings!

We have so much to be thankful for!  We have 3 healthy children and a God who loves us and died for our salvation.  We don't have much to complain about!!
I've been so caught up in trying to get on a schedule with 3 kids that I've put my daily time with God by the wayside.  It's been wearing on me and I needed to make some changes.  I realized that I need to get myself on track before I can even begin to get the rest of us on track.  Memorizing and reading scripture has been so uplifting and encouraging.  I so often try to do things on my own.  I wish I would remember that it never works out!!  :)  God is full of mercy and grace ~ How awesome is that!  I am so thankful that He sent his son and that I heard about Jesus and chose to have him live in my heart and be my Savior!!  Enjoy your blessings today and everyday!

BG's new bike for his birthday...he's NOT quite big enough to reach the pedals on the down stroke!

Favorite Auntie!!

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