Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Celebration

We went to Fargo this past weekend to celebrate my cousin's wedding.  It was a great time with family and friends we hadn't seen in quite some time.  My boys absolutely LOVE my cousins' kids.  Jman kept asking if we were going to see Nolan.  "Are we going to Nolan's house?  When will we see him?  Will Cooper Coop Coop be there too?"  Needless to say, Jman and BG had a fabulous time!

During the wedding, BG and Jman were moving between Ashley in one pew and Nate and I, in a different pew.  We were both in pews towards the front of the church. BG decided to "tip toe" back to Ashley at one point.  He was trying to be stealthy: knees bent, eyes darting back and forth, and a HUGE grin.  Not to mention his "tip toes" were extremely LOUD!  He was so cute!  I think most of the family commented on that part of the wedding.  I don't know if anyone didn't notice him!!  Enjoy the few pictures we took! 
Grandma, Grandpa and BG before the wedding.

Cooper, Rachel, Lulu and I.  Cooper is 9 days older than Lulu. 

Christmas photo?  Hopefully we can get the kids to cooperate a little better for one! 

Nolan - the little guy my boys LOVE!  He's 11 days older than BG. 

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