Saturday, May 14, 2011

Backyard Work and Fun

This past weekend and week we did a bunch of work in the yard.  We decided to plant grass where we had our gardens last year and have a much smaller garden this summer.  We did add some landscaping though.  We paved out a semi-circle and I planted some different perennials back there.  It turned out great and we're hoping our grass grows!
Our landscaping - There are blanket flowers, creeping phlox, lupine, hot pokers and "gold in a basket" (I'm pretty sure that's the last kind) planted back here.
BG in the mud
Jman petting his swing, Charlie Horse.  He came up with a great name!!
The bucket filled with muddy water.  You'll notice the rock in BG's hands...yes, the boys were throwing them in and laughing hysterically when they got splashed.
The only problem with planting grass is that the boys now have no place to dig...which causes problems!  My boys LOVE to play in the mud.  Monday and Tuesday of this past week were warm and beautiful here.  (And we didn't plant grass until Thursday night.)  The boys had lots of fun making mud pies and splashing rocks in a bucket filled with muddy water.  I think they went through 3 outfits in 1 hour before I finally had the bright idea to put them in their swimming trunks!  Needless to say, they had 2 baths and a ton of fun!   

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