Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Quilt #3

It has been too long since I've posted anything. To sum up the past few weeks: school, sewing, basement completion and staying healthy!

To start off, this week marks the last week of my second trimester. It is amazing how fast it has gone. Each pregnancy has gone faster than the last. I had another regular checkup today and baby is doing great with a heart rate of 145 beats per minute, within the normal range. The nurse told me I had an "outie", which I mistakenly heard her say "owie." I replied with "Where?!?!" Once she clarified, we both got a good laugh! Really? Where is my outie? My belly button has been popped out for quite a while now! It's one of BG's favorite games to try and push it back in.

As I wrote above, I've been sewing a lot lately. I make quilts for my children and just completed the quilt for baby #3. The pictures are a close up of the bugs I appliqued on: 2 bumblebees, a butterfly, 4 ladybugs and a dragonfly. The full picture shows the yellow backing on the upper left corner flipped over. I just love quilting. I'm a perfectionist, so when my corners don't match up exactly, I get a little stressed, but it is a good way for me to work on letting go of my Type A tendencies. This is the earliest I've finished one, so I'm proud of myself. I've saved time to attempt making a couple of sundresses. It should be fun. I'll keep you posted!

And for a quick update, we have completed the basement! (Didn't know we were working on it? That's because it's been a long time coming and I couldn't bare to keep saying it was YET to be done! Ha!) There is still trim to put up around the base in a few places, around the doors and window, but besides those things, the walls are up and painted, the carpet is in, the crown molding is up and we have a couch, chair and TV down there. It is great! I'll be adding pictures of that in the near future.

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