Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Two Crazy Boys

Today has been cleaning day. I've been having the boys help me pick up the floors so I can vacuum. I told them to put the books on the floor in their room in the book shelf and to throw the toys on their beds. I was going to start in the office so they had a little bit of time to get it done. I did my job and then went to check on them. The 3 shelved book shelf, that only had 1/2 a shelf of books gone before my departure, was now 2 shelves free of books. They were all in a pile under their table. "We're playing mama!" Needless to say, we did some serious cleaning in there!
It wouldn't be so bad to pick up the books, except that it is a daily occurance! Those books never get too much dust on them from getting piled up in the middle of the floor and reshelved day after day.

We're now taking a break from cleaning and enjoying some playtime. Jman is playing super heroes, his favorite today is Batman, and BG is "riding" (just sitting, in his case) on the little powered motorcycle. He keeps putting his finger in this little hole in the plastic saddle bag and getting it stuck. It's hard not to laugh, but he has done it 3 times in a row and Jman keeps trying to tell him "Don't do that BG! You'll break my motorcycle!" They are two funny little guys.

There really is never a dull moment when they are awake! God has blessed us with two very busy, fun and loving boys!

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