Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom's The Word

This past weekend, I attended the Hearts at Home conference in Rochester, MN. It is a Christian conference that focuses on the needs and concerns of moms. It was amazing! I didn't know quite what to expect, but found myself soaking in the worship music, the workshop speakers, and the word of God!

It was a weekend filled with music, laughter and tears. Christy Nockels, of the group Watermark, was the worship leader. She was filled with the Spirit. Christ was shining through her songs. She did an amazing job!

The main speaker was Jill Savage. She had such a powerful message. It focused on the Power of Words. We want our words to bring life to people, lift them up and inspire them. Yet, so often we speak the exact opposite. I was forced to look at how I speak to others and really evaluate it. Am I glorifying Christ in all that I say? Am I speaking affirming, accepting, appreciating and apologizing words? It was an eye opener. Jill really asked us to look inside of ourselves and renew our minds. Jill has a list on her website called "God's Truth About You..." and it is filled with God's words that we can use to replace the old thoughts in our minds. Begin the transformation!

As a side note, she spoke during one of the small workshops. It was called Living With Less So My Family Can Have More. It was about living with less stress, less activities and less money so that we can have more to give our relationships. She spoke about attitudes to have: Counter-cultural mindset, Contentment, Sacrifice, Simplicity, Frugality and Faith. She gave a lot of good ideas for frugality. I recommend checking out her website for some ideas. It was great!

One of the other speakers I got the priviledge of listening to was Susie Larson. She was fabulous as well. The workshop I attended was entitled Growing Grateful Kids. It focused on teaching our children to be thankful and have perspective and gratitude. I was struck by one of her opening sentences. "We cannot impart what we do not express (possess)." I had to wonder if I am doing all that I can to become the woman God wants me to be so that I can show my children all he wants them to be. No pressure! Susie presented all of her points in such a real way that I truly felt like I could succeed. The fact that God pursues my children and me, lifts many burdens of motherhood. I will just remember that the pure in heart see God and that nothing is impossible when we humble ourselves to the Lord. Pure and humble; Christ-like.

I took away many ideas and truths from this past weekend. If nothing else, I was reminded that God loves me, despite the flaws and mistakes. I am His chosen treasure. We are all His chosen treasure. Live knowing this and praise God for it!


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