Wednesday, January 15, 2014

July ~ Hitting the Open Road

Ode to being late!  But alas, I have gotten around to SOME of my summer pictures!

July, you were hard on my back!  I drove over 3700 miles, saw 11 different states and 4 different capital cities.  All I can say is wow.  America is a beautiful country.  God's creation is really stunning!

The month started with my sister flying down, only to turn around and drive back north with the kids and I.


Pit stop in Kansas City = Dinner at Cracker Barrel

We made it to Fargo!  Everyone was relieved to get out of the car after 2 long days, especially Auntie Ash.  In all fairness, it's hard to jump into a car with 3 kids for 2 full days when you are not used to it.  CRAZY road trip!


July 3rd was BG's big 4th birthday!  

Uncle Troy is in charge of candles!

Uncle Nick always has cozy blankets readily available.

 Fourth of July drinks poolside.  (The blow up pool was in the yard.  It counts.)

A trip to Fargo always includes a trip to the farm.  The boys had a photo shoot with every single tractor they could find...(that equals lots of pictures.)


 Grandpa Roger and the kids going for a spin.                         A moth I found hanging out on a door.

BG got a tent for his birthday, so we put it up!

We visited the Fargo Air Museum in Fargo with Auntie Ash, Ethan and Grandpa and Grandma.  It is really nice inside and has lots to explore.

Camp out with Uncle Nick on the deck in the backyard.  Lots of memories were made!  Nick was the only one willing to sleep out there.  He deserves a medal!

We had so much fun visiting eveyone.  I haven't organized the photos from Montana yet, but when I do, expect a kaleidoscope of pictures! 

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