Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lulu, Jenny and I

The Boys: Riley, Jman and BG decorating cupcakes

BG, Jman and Ian!  Hot cocoa time

As the boys say:  JIMMY!!!!!
 All these photos are from the month of October...I finally got them off the camera!  We had lots of fun with friends.  My friend Jenny and her son Riley came to visit.  We got the pleasure of watching our good friend's son, Ian for one afternoon.  And for Halloween, we went trick or treating with Jimmy at Mike and Jenny's house.  Jman dressed up as Optimus Prime, BG was Lightning McQueen and their bestest little buddy Jimmy was a hamburger...possibly a cheeseburger.  They had fun...except for the last house which was a little scary.  Bad pre-surveillance on my part.  Jman wouldn't go up to the door, BG cried in Jenny's arms and Jimmy clung to my leg!  Oops.  It had to happen one time, I guess!  Lulu stayed in the house with Nate and Mike while they answered the door.

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